My name is Jaime and I have stuggled all my life with my weight. I am tired of being fat and always watching everything I eat. No matter how healthy I eat or how often I work out at the gym, I still gain and feel awful! I decided to keep this journal on my new attempt to loss my weight once and for all!

I am currently taking HCG and following their diet. I am happy to say it is working! I am not going to lie and say how easy it is, the first few days on this diet is very hard, but after that your body has adjusted and you feel great!! And the best lose fat!

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Time flys!

Wow, time seemed to have slipped past me.... Day 25 and I have lost 31 lbs!!! Love the fast result I get on this diet, but I am going to be honest, eating the same thing over for 25 days is getting really old. I want to lose 35 lbs or more in the next nine days and then I am taking a break.

I am really excited to see how well I can maintain my new weight.

I plan on starting this diet over the beginning of December.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 19

Lost 1 more! Down 27 lbs! Looks like I may make it to day 23 and be at 30lbs!

Made a chili (bean less) last night. It was sooo good. I think everything taste better with you are not eating all the processed junk!

1 c tomatoes diced
Little water
3.5 oz very lean hamburger (or you can do steak or chicken) I cut it on the GF grill and cut it up.
onion powder
garlic powder
chili powder
little oregano
salt and pepper

Cook everything until it is as thick as you like it.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 18

Down 26lbs! I hit 25lbs on day 17.

Still feeling great! Now the big decision is if I stop at day 23 or continue on......

I would like to get another round in before Thanksgiving and be on P4 so I can eat regular.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 15

I lost 3 LB! Down a total of 24lb! Whew...thought I was going to have to do that apple day thing!

I grilled chicken and onions last night and had an apple.

Lunch, a salad (tomatoes and lettuce), steak and homemade salsa I canned this week. YUM!

I was out of lemons for the last two some last night and made the lemonade. Wonder if that it what helped???

Still feeling very good. Lot's more energy then before I started this diet. My clothes are starting to be pretty big and I put on a shirt that has been tight for 5 years... it fits! :)

I figure that I am half way thru this or more. I have the 2oz bottle and .5 will last 43 days. I am using .6. As long as I keep losing and feeling this good, I will use up the bottle.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 14

I have lost only ounces in the last 2 days. At least I am not gaining. Not sure why. Maybe the plateau??? If I have not lost anything tomorrow, I will have an apple day. This I am NOT looking forward to, but I will do it to loss this weight!

Diet is still the same. Proud to say that I have not eaten one thing I was not suppose to. I have had moment of weakness, but I get myself busy and it passes.

I still have a lot of weight to go. I am deciding now how long do I want to continue this.....
My 23rd day it Aug 27th.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 12

I missed several posts.... been busy :)

I am down 21lb!!!! My goal was to reach 20lbs today. :)

Thursday night I went on a long walk (pretty fast pace one too!) It felt sooooo good! I have really missed going to the gym weight lifting and walking. However Friday when I weighted in, I had not lost anything! I had read that exercises may effect the weight loss, some people retain water after. It seemed it had.

Saturday I lost 2 lbs and then today I lost 2 more!

Here is what I have been eating

No breakfast (as per the plan this is important)
Lunch I grilled a whole onion and a few mushrooms with chicken. Yum! I sprinkle it with salt, pepper and oregano.
Dinner I had a salad of Tomato, salsa (no sugar) chicken or steak and lettuce.

Snack I had are apples and strawberries

My clothes are fitting loose! I put on a shirt that had been very tight in the stomach and there was room in ti!

This diet has been tough to follow exactly, especially when you have to cook for the family. But I have done it, and I am so proud of my will power.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 9

1 more pound!!! total 17lbs. I am hoping to hit 20 by Sunday!! I will if it keeps dropping off by 1lb per day.

Here is what I ate yesterday:

Tomatoes (1 cup)
Chicken 3 oz
salsa just enough to cover the lettuce
1 cup lettuce
Melba toast


Melba toast (with tomato-I was very hungry, but I was afraid this would screw up the did not, but I will try not to repeat it today)

12 Strawberries

Very busy day making soap...most of the scents I used where food smells...wonder if that was why I was hungrier???

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 8

I lost another pound!! I am now done 16lb and you can actually see it! I can see it. When my hubby came home from the gym last night, he stop and said, "I can really see the weight loss!" :)

Yesterday was a little hard. I was hungrier. But not the starving hunger of the first day of the diet.

Here is what I had yesterday:

Lunch at 11:30
Steak (3oz) cook on my little grill salt pepper and garlic
1 cup fresh tomatoes -yum!
Melba toast

Snack about 3:30
12 Strawberries

Dinner about 6:30
Chicken (3oz) grilled
Tomatoes about a cup
lettuce about 1 cup (I was soooo hungry I added this and prayed it would not effect the weight loss) My friend who also did this diet was able to have salads during this phase.
little salsa that had no sugar

OH it was SOOOOO good! LOL it is funny what taste good when you are very hungry. I am learning to enjoy foods for what they are and not need all the extras that cover their taste.

Snack at 9:30
Apple and Lemonaide (fresh lemon in 1 quart of water plus 2 stevia packages)

I would not reccomend drink this so late at night. I was up twice last night. OOPS!
I drank more water yesterday.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 7

I have lost another pound! I am now down 15lb!!!! Awesome! :)
I did not drink enough water yesterday so my goal is to make sure I have enough today. I had cramps in my legs a little.
Yesterday food was:
3 oz very lean steak all fat trimed off before cooking.
1 cup tomatoes (from my garden! yum!!)
1 Mebla toast

Strawberries (12)

30z Chicken
1 zucchini grilled on my George Foreman grill

Melba toast and I was going to do more strawberries but I did not. To late and I did not know how that would effect the weight loss.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 6

Lost 2lb more....... Total 14 lbs and this is day 4 of 500 cal diet! I can't believe it! It is getting so much easier. I am going to be able to do this!!! :)

I wake up a little hungry but when I take the HCG it takes it away. I just need to make sure I am drinking more water today. Yesterday I was a little low on water, but I still lost.

Day 1 through 5

Day 1 and 2 were gorge have to eat very fatty foods. Strange and gross! I gain 4 lbs from this and was very upset. By the end of day 2 I was sick of the fatty foods. However it is a very important step to the diet, it prepares you body for the diet that is about to start.

Day 3 (first day of 5oo cal) It was tough. I am not going to lie about how easy it was..... I was starving and had a headache. I started out at .5 and had to increase it to .6 on my evening dose. this seemed to help. Hard to cook food for the rest of the family...:(

Day 4 I weighted in........drum roll....... 10lbs! I could not belive it!
(So much better! I woke up feeling great but a little hungry. This went away after my morning dose. I painted furnature, make soap and did laundry! Lately I have been extremely tired. I have not been motivated to do anything.

Day 5 Lost more...2lbs! total 12lb
woke up agian with energy! I am back! I love this new feeling! worked again on projects, made food for the family and it did not bother my at all this time! :)
My poor little guy fell and split his head open today! He has to be glued (instead of stiches). going to be a long night!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

the diet.....

I have tried everything under the sun to lose weight. Every year it is a few more pounds....
I tried just dieting on my own, the sugar buster diet, Atkins, and calorie counting.
My last attempt was 6 months at the gym 4x week. Weight lifting and cardio. It work for 3 months for following a restricted diet. I lost 12lbs. but slowly it came back even though I was still dieting and following my trainers plan.

So now I am trying this. HCG is supposed to reset my metabolism! I am not fat due to how I eat, but because of a know metabolism disorder, IR and PCOS all combined. I have been fighting these about all my life and I am tired of being fat!

If you are interested in trying this diet to, you need to make sure that you follow it exactly you you could wind up gaining more weight! There is no cheating! A little can make you gain! :(

At first I thought it was expensive, however if you think about all the food you do not need to buy, it actually evened out.

The link is posted above.....

Go forward I am going to keep a journal on my SUCCESS story!