My name is Jaime and I have stuggled all my life with my weight. I am tired of being fat and always watching everything I eat. No matter how healthy I eat or how often I work out at the gym, I still gain and feel awful! I decided to keep this journal on my new attempt to loss my weight once and for all!

I am currently taking HCG and following their diet. I am happy to say it is working! I am not going to lie and say how easy it is, the first few days on this diet is very hard, but after that your body has adjusted and you feel great!! And the best lose fat!

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 1 through 5

Day 1 and 2 were gorge have to eat very fatty foods. Strange and gross! I gain 4 lbs from this and was very upset. By the end of day 2 I was sick of the fatty foods. However it is a very important step to the diet, it prepares you body for the diet that is about to start.

Day 3 (first day of 5oo cal) It was tough. I am not going to lie about how easy it was..... I was starving and had a headache. I started out at .5 and had to increase it to .6 on my evening dose. this seemed to help. Hard to cook food for the rest of the family...:(

Day 4 I weighted in........drum roll....... 10lbs! I could not belive it!
(So much better! I woke up feeling great but a little hungry. This went away after my morning dose. I painted furnature, make soap and did laundry! Lately I have been extremely tired. I have not been motivated to do anything.

Day 5 Lost more...2lbs! total 12lb
woke up agian with energy! I am back! I love this new feeling! worked again on projects, made food for the family and it did not bother my at all this time! :)
My poor little guy fell and split his head open today! He has to be glued (instead of stiches). going to be a long night!

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