My name is Jaime and I have stuggled all my life with my weight. I am tired of being fat and always watching everything I eat. No matter how healthy I eat or how often I work out at the gym, I still gain and feel awful! I decided to keep this journal on my new attempt to loss my weight once and for all!

I am currently taking HCG and following their diet. I am happy to say it is working! I am not going to lie and say how easy it is, the first few days on this diet is very hard, but after that your body has adjusted and you feel great!! And the best lose fat!

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 1 Round 2 Load day

I have maintained my weight for 7 weeks. No steak days. :) Whew! I enjoy my foods, adding was a little scary. I learned to watch my fats and carbs together. I could have some, but not tons.

So I am going for another round! Loading today. I am going to load for 3 days if possible. I decided if by the end of Saturday, if I just can't load anymore, I would start on Sunday the 500 cal.
I am hoping that this will help the hunger issue I had last time.

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  1. Good luck! How far are you from your goal weight? I dreamed about Halva last night. Eat some for me, would ya??