My name is Jaime and I have stuggled all my life with my weight. I am tired of being fat and always watching everything I eat. No matter how healthy I eat or how often I work out at the gym, I still gain and feel awful! I decided to keep this journal on my new attempt to loss my weight once and for all!

I am currently taking HCG and following their diet. I am happy to say it is working! I am not going to lie and say how easy it is, the first few days on this diet is very hard, but after that your body has adjusted and you feel great!! And the best lose fat!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 12

I missed several posts.... been busy :)

I am down 21lb!!!! My goal was to reach 20lbs today. :)

Thursday night I went on a long walk (pretty fast pace one too!) It felt sooooo good! I have really missed going to the gym weight lifting and walking. However Friday when I weighted in, I had not lost anything! I had read that exercises may effect the weight loss, some people retain water after. It seemed it had.

Saturday I lost 2 lbs and then today I lost 2 more!

Here is what I have been eating

No breakfast (as per the plan this is important)
Lunch I grilled a whole onion and a few mushrooms with chicken. Yum! I sprinkle it with salt, pepper and oregano.
Dinner I had a salad of Tomato, salsa (no sugar) chicken or steak and lettuce.

Snack I had are apples and strawberries

My clothes are fitting loose! I put on a shirt that had been very tight in the stomach and there was room in ti!

This diet has been tough to follow exactly, especially when you have to cook for the family. But I have done it, and I am so proud of my will power.


  1. Hi Jamie,
    That's not necessairily true about HCG and exercise. It's HCG's equivalent of an old wives' tale.

    Relative to your level of fitness, it's the intensity with which you exercise that determines any weight gain, and then it's only temporary.

    In fact, you'll notice a significant weight drop in the next 2-3 days. Just watch.

    Btw, I responded to your tweet and followed you.

    Best of luck!


    Trus tme on this. This is my 3rd round on HCG and I ride my bike 50-75 miles/week.

  2. Thanks! I noticed that the two days later.... ummm. Think I will have to walk again than!